Geomembrane sheets based on PE polymers are manufactured with high density polyethylene.

These sheets depending on the application are provided with different colors and thicknesses.

The main colors of this product are black, blue, and white and the common PE sheets thickness is 1.5 mm and 2 mm .

The cost of building a pool using Geomembrane covers is one-third of the concrete pools and the speed of establishing such a pool is so faster.

Applications of Geomembrane sheets:

1.Covering agricultural water storage pools

2.Covering industrial and chemical Water and Wastewater

3.Covering water and wastewater, oil and petroleum industries storage pools

4.Covering water transferring canals and aqueducts

5.Sealing of earthen and water dams

6.Covering fish and shrimp ponds

7.Subway and traffic tunnels insulation

8.Covering evaporation pools in petrochemical industries and power plants

9.Covering mineral extraction hips

10.Covering recreational pools

11.Coveringsanitary landfills

12.Covering the floor and walls of chemical and infectious storage tanks

13.Sealing concrete pools that have leaks

14.Insulation of towers foundations

15.Covering and sealing the floor of roof garden boxes .